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Hello , everyone,  This is LanceRPG.  An oversea NSFW 18+ RPG hgame developer,      

My game "Defence Agent Gaya" is complete.   All the designing process is  made by me alone ,  except materials.  It lasts from 2016.3 to 2017.5       On 2017.5 it was released on DLsite(Japan),    1 month later I make it here on,  to make it more convinient for English players.

My game was translated into English by the helping of a translator,  For some text problem , I hope you can understand a little bit , As a personal-made game, this is really  almost the best we can do so far ,.

Here I want to thank all the material creators , including  music, scripts, and images.  

And thank all the guys who helped me in developing this game .  They are from , ,

Detailed list are in the readme files. 

         If you have like my game, please follow or support me on patreon ,  or follow my pixiv homepage.

Any comment and replies are very welcome.   I'm sorry I was not good at promoting ......... so few people could got my developing information.  But not any more.   I am now starting to design my next game project  , and I will post more news on Patreon,

So you guys can share your ideas to me.


Defence Agent Gaya (Free Demo) 44 MB
Jun 14, 2017
Defence Agent Gaya(Full Game) 78 MB
Jun 14, 2017

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